What our clients say

“I needed help working out what I needed to do to feel better/progress. I now have a clear direction and know how and what I need to do to move forward.” September 2020

“I have understood that it is reasonable to feel the way I do about my problems and have come to terms with the things that are uncertain in my life and that there is no magic bullet fix. Healing will come with time and counselling has helped kickstart the healing process.” August 2020

“Professional, knowledgable , empathic and constructive. Still working through my issues but with just 2 sessions I've made massive progress, and feel in a better place to understand my own capabilities in how to resolve my situation, - no more self doubt and confusion cycle. Excellent, many thanks.” June 2020

“Thank you for all the support and advice you've given us throughout our sessions to date, it's been helpful and enjoyable talking to you.” May 2020

“Counselling has given me a safe space to share my feelings and thoughts which I had held tight for so long. Holding it all in had impacted me in a huge way, I had lost myself somewhat. I found it very challenging to open up but releasing it all, at my own pace, has made a big difference...It has assisted me to breath deeply, relax and find a better balance in my life again." April 2020

“It's given me a chance to talk through everything that had been a concern, to the point where all these issues have been addressed.” April 2020

“Counselling has helped me in many ways and it has been one of the most positive experiences of my life....counselling has taken me on a journey from repressed emotion and fear/anxiety to awareness of my attachments and family influence to a new perspective of boldness and boundaries....I have become an advocate for counselling in general and believe that it is one of the most significant investments to be made in your future self." March 2020

“Massive difference - very positive. I will be back…” January 2020

“I feel free. Counselling has given me tools to deal with my problems and helped me to recognise the resources I already have which has enabled me to move forward.” January 2020

“Counselling has helped me to cope with my emotions, relationships and past experiences better.  I am a happier person and do not always see each day as a struggle.” January 2020

“I have a different perspective on the difficulties I experienced.  I have ways of managing and strategies that have been generated specifically for my needs. I have more confidence in trusting my own thoughts and feelings in relation to the difficulties I experienced. I am more understanding of my difficult emotions and how to handle them.” January 2020

“I found the counselling a very good space to speak and be listened to. The counsellor listened very well and understood and ‘heard’ all I had to say. It provided a helpful place to off load and helped me through a difficult period.” January 2020

“[Counselling] had the intended result....Thank you very much for your help with this matter. I am not usually the sort of person who would seek the services of a counsellor, but I am glad I did so on this occasion, as it did help me. Once again many thanks.” January 2020

“It helped us to unpick some longstanding communication issues and to remember that we do actually like each other. It has really helped us to communicate better as a couple and we now talk with each other about things other than day to day issues, and we make more time for each other.  The counsellor was really kind but also made us work hard and be honest with each other.”December 2019

“We understand each other, and ourselves better which has helped us predict and manage responses to things.” December 2019

“Talking with Sarah helped me to understand better some issues from my past and why I was still affected by it. When I started to connect my present issues with some past experiences in my life I understood better my reactions. I think that better understanding of my past is helping me respond better to various day to day situations.” December 2019

“I feel it has helped with being more open with my partner and sorting out problems before they get out of hand.” October 2019

“It has helped me think about my behaviours and react in a different way – i.e. using different thought patterns – evidence based ones for example.  The best recommendation I can give is that I no longer need this service.” October 2019

“It's given me an opportunity to talk about my feelings in a supportive non-judgemental atmosphere.  It's given me some helpful insights into myself and my relationship.” October 2019

“It helped me to understand how I feel and why I’m feeling it.  My counsellor helps me to understand the gravity of what I say by asking the right questions.  I have left surer of who I am and what I want.” September 2019

“Having dedicated time and space within the framework of professional counselling enabled me to offload in a safe space my thoughts and feelings around my father’s death. I felt I could indulge in time for me and me alone. It was a big factor in helping me to voice how I was feeling, and to reflect after the sessions." September 2019 

“It has given me new insights I would not have had as easily without counselling – both into myself but also into the dynamics of an intimate relationship.” June 2019

“I was struggling with feeling very low after a diagnosis of infertility. Counselling gave me a space to talk about it to someone who was completely removed from my everyday life. It helped us as a couple to talk to each other in a safe environment which was neutral. It has given me ways of thinking about it and helped me to understand my grief.” June 2019

“It has helped the tangle of chaotic negative thoughts in my head disperse and become more calm and understandable.  I can manage and process my emotions better.” June 2019

“Counselling has helped me let go of some of my anger about the situation that I am in." May 2019

“I am calmer and more reflective.  Far less easily stressed or quick to react. I feel like I am on the right path, even though there will inevitably be bumps in the road.” May 2019

“It’s helped me talk openly about my family issues and realise my issues are not everyday and I can accept my situation as different.  I have been able to view my fears of the future (ill health) in a different way.” May 2019

“Resolving traumas in the past and unearthing coping mechanisms have been invaluable.  Looking forward to all the good things and what is to come!” April 2019

"I now see the value of regular discussions with my partner about our issues.” April 2019

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