Sarah Saatzer

I have been working as a counsellor and psychotherapist since 2005 and have worked with clients of all ages on multiple issues; including PTSD, BPD (or Emotional Regulation Disorder), anxiety, depression, addictions, autism, ADHD, recovery from abusive relationships plus much more. I have worked as a couples therapist since 2013, again working with a wide variety of issues in relationships.

My approach

I would describe my approach as focusing on the person, on you, the client! rather than on any particular technique or problem. I am here for you in the moment and deeply interested in what you are presenting and feeling.  The safe, authentic space provided in counselling helps you get in touch with your true self and you start to make more sense of your struggles. You find a restoration of a feeling of control and well-being in your life. I have training and experience in some tools (such as CBT, Focusing, Solution Focused, Mindfulness) which can be used in the sessions and different clients find different tools useful. You, as the client, choose what suits you best. 

I am currently completing the Applied course with the Centre for Systemic Constellations to qualify as a facilitator in this work.  Systemic Constellations work can open up a wider view of how we are affected by the systems around us, particularly family, work and relationship systems. I can bring this dimension into both individual and couples work if you consider it would help. 

Where it all started 

I trained as a counsellor because of my natural ease and joy in working with people and because I wanted to be a part of the healing, restoring and empowering work which goes on in the counselling relationship.  

"When I came for my first session, I came with anxiety but within that session my counsellor, Sarah, helped me identify things that I hadn’t even thought about and this helped me process things and to ‘ give myself a break !’ This helped my anxiety levels to decrease. She hit the nail on the head so effectively!"

From a couple who saw Sarah:

"Counselling has helped me communicate my feelings and concerns about our relationship with my partner, and helped us address them together.  We have improved our communication about our day to day and sexual issues.  As a consequence I feel happier and more confident in myself and in our relationship"

"It's been good to talk to someone but also to listen to my partner while she talked about her problems.  This is something we didn't do at home, but we can now do it much better"

“Couples counselling has allowed us to break down the wall that had come between us.  It now feels like a new relationship – it’s great!!

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