Deb Holmes

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I have experience of working in a number of organisations including, NHS both staff counselling service with mediation and dispute resolution, together with G.P practice education including staff counselling and tutoring. I have also worked in drug and alcohol services and charities, including homeless hostels, and also care homes counselling people with severe physical and learning disabilities together with challenging behaviours.

My work is inspired from a positive psychology framework and uses solution focused therapy (SFT) whose ethos is centred on hope. I work with numerous issues such as anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, trauma, loss and grief, work-related stress, self esteem and confidence, relationship difficulties.

My Approach

I have an integrated approach that takes its lead from the clients presenting issue. I firmly believe that every person has their own solution to every problem, and that you are the expert on you. My role is to help facilitate each client to find and explore this in a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship that enables change to move forward.
I use a variety of techniques and methods including solution focused therapy (SFT) cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) emotional freedom technique (EFT). Together with mindfulness to enable a more holistic approach to our mind body connections.

I find solution focused therapy offers value to all clients irrespective of the presenting issues, as for me it offers the possibility of hope to change patterns of behaviour

Where It All Started

I have a long held fascination with the complexities of the human mind and the ways people can overcome and adapt to adversity and trauma. This was initially born out of early personal experience, and has continued to develop through my own personal and professional experiences.

I started my career as a research psychologist, working on numerous projects exploring peoples behaviours. One project exploring young offenders led me towards understanding the value of listening, this forged the start of my counselling career.

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