NOW SOLD OUT - Making Contact: Exploring the parallels in the relationship between therapist and client, artist and audience.


ALL PLACES ON THIS WORKSHOP HAVE NOW BEEN TAKEN - IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE PUT ON A WAITING LIST PLEASE CONTACT US ON In this workshop I will be sharing the experiences and resultant thinking that led me to think that there is specific common ground between the artistic and therapeutic encounter. I will share footage from documentary films I have made and draw on the experience of others too. The latter part of the event will encourage participants to reflect on and share their own experiences that both endorse and challenge the ideas I put forward, so we can all learn together."

Venue: This will be an online event using zoom

Costs: FREE

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Carl Rogers regarded the experience of “contact” between therapist and client as being sufficiently important to be regarded as one of the core conditions for therapeutic change to occur. But what does contact mean? How and why does it have this powerful impact? In what ways is the contact experienced in therapy replicated in the experience between an artist and their audience? In the present day, might this be in part what art is for?

We hope in this exploration that artist, therapist, client and audience member alike will all find things that enhance their understanding of the experiences of others as well as their own. All are welcome, regardless of discipline or experience.

Andy Whitehouse is a psychotherapist in private practice and an Associate with Sheffield Central Counselling. He is also a songwriter and musician who has recorded and performed with award winning folk singer Chris Wood; an events promoter staging events by international artists in acoustic, jazz and world music; and a tour manager with the likes of the renowned Tcha Limberger’s Budapest Gypsy Orchestra. He created and managed “The Circle”, an award winning and nationally recognised inclusive performance and participatory arts project, and his work has won awards for inclusive creatively based training. In 2019 he was granted funding by Arts Council England to deliver “One:One” – an installation within which he (and invited other artists) delivered performances of individual songs to individual audiences within a designed, discrete space. The key themes were intimacy and connection in the context of performance. The event was filmed, and the resultant documentary is due for release in the summer of 2020.

You can find out more about One:One and see a trailer for the film here:

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