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What our clients say

“Counselling helped more than I thought it would.  I feel brighter, lighter, happier and like myself again.  Feel positive to end the counselling for now but pleased that my counsellor has kept the door open.  Thank you very much!” November 2017

“Counselling helped me to straighten things out in my head, gave me someone to speak to who doesn’t otherwise have any investment in me, suggested new ways to tackle issues.” November 2017

“I have learnt how to be more honest with people around me and I have turned thoughts into actions.  Really pleased with the service. Would use it again.” October 2017

“Counselling helped me to deal with my relationship in a reasonable and healthy way, put my problems in perspective and helped me look at them in a new light.  It relieved a lot of the stress that I was feeling prior to attending the sessions.” October 2017

“It has made me feel much easier with myself and with my issues, I have found new ways to confront my issues and work on them.  Overall I feel much lighter, easier and happier.  I feel I got very experienced professional help from my counsellor.”  October 2017

“I have been able to understand why I became depressed and how to take control of my own feelings.” October 2017

“Counselling has helped me understand and articulate what is in my head and what I’m feeling but also to challenge those thoughts and rationalise them and act if needed.  I’ve really valued the objectivity of the sessions.” October 2017

“Counselling has given me a bit of distance from myself in the sense that I can understand better my behaviours. Before I think I couldn’t see the wood for the trees”. September 2017

“It’s given me the confidence to talk more freely about my problems and shown me how to deal with problems.  It’s given me more self-confidence and shown it’s OK to not be OK – there is help out there and it does work.” September 2017

“It has helped me to build a more solid identity and be more content with who I am.  It has helped to reduce my social anxiety and hence improved my daily functioning.” June 2017

“Couples counselling has helped me communicate my feelings and concerns about our relationship with my partner and helped us address them together.  We have improved our communications about our day to day and sexual issues.  As a consequence I feel happier and more confident in myself and our relationship.”  May 2017

“It’s been good to talk to someone but also to listen to my partner while she talked about her problems.  This is something we didn’t do at home but can now do much better.” May 2017

“Overall I found the experience a rewarding exploration of some underlying themes that have haunted me throughout my life.  I have been able to address emotional issues and importantly gain some perspective on my life.” March 2017

“Initially a huge sense of relief to offload and explain everything that was having an impact on my life and causing panic and anxiety.  It’s helped me find coping mechanisms and given me more strength.” March 2017

“It was hard at the beginning to talk about things and after counselling I feel I understand my problems better and know that it is OK to feel a certain way.  Also I can cope with my problems better.” March 2017

“I feel less anxious overall and it has helped me to find ways to deal with negative thoughts so that they don’t become bigger issues.” March 2017

“Counselling has given me a clearer idea of methods to use to listen to myself and understand myself” March 2017