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Understanding the Past to make a Positive Future

Why I came for counselling

I came for counselling in the middle of a personal crisis where I was struggling with a lot of negative thoughts. When I started counselling I was trapped in the past.  I was struggling with things about myself and others that I love, things that stopped me enjoying the present and stopped me making decisions based on my present life and not on events of the past that I can't change.

How counselling helped

During the time I came to counselling I became more aware of myself and how my way of thinking was affecting my behaviour.  By expressing how I was feeling and thinking I was able to become more conscious of what I really wanted and how I wanted to live my life.  So I think that my counselling was very helpful.  The counsellor was listening to me all the time and giving me feedback during the sessions.

Life after counselling

I can say that now I feel more calm, confident and happy than when I began, and I can deal better with the situations that trigger some of my negatives thoughts and reactions.  I think I am a better person now and I can identify better my feelings and what I want to do with them, so I don't waste my time and my life.