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Building Better Relationships

Why I came to counselling

I was feeling really low after splitting up with my partner and decided I needed to speak to a counsellor. I’ve had many relationships over the years but none has lasted long term.  I was questioning whether I was capable of having a long-term relationship and whether I even wanted one. I felt trapped and anxious when I was in a relationship but after initially enjoying the freedom of being single for a while, I always started to feel lonely again.

How counselling helped me

My counselling helped me to explore my expectations and beliefs about relationships and to identify things I could try doing differently.  When I started a new relationship I decided to share some of my difficulties more openly and this helped me feel more supported by my partner. I also talked to the counsellor about the way I saw myself and was able to become more accepting of who I am.  I started to get a clearer sense of what I wanted from a relationship and from life in general.

Life after counselling

The relationship I am in now is going really well.  I’ve made a decision to commit to staying with my partner and this has made a real difference to how I feel. In the past I was fearful about losing my freedom but I have actually found a sense of freedom from the commitment I have made.  I feel much more relaxed than in previous relationships. I do still feel anxious and low at times but overall I am much happier. My partner and I talk honestly together about the things we find hard and support each other. I now feel I have the chance of a successful long term relationship and don’t think I would have reached this point without coming for counselling.