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How I learned to cope with my emotions

Why I came to counseling

When I first came for counselling I was feeling overwhelmed and burned out.  Life seemed like a struggle and had done for a long time.  I came for counselling feeling desperate and needing help to cope better with my work and relationships.

How counseling helped me

My counsellor took time to really listen to me and this made a big difference in itself.  Meeting weekly with the counsellor gave me something to aim for at times when I was feeling really low. Through talking and reflecting on things both in the sessions and between the sessions I gained greater awareness of my emotions and what can trigger them.  I am more accepting of difficult emotions like feeling anxiety and anger and no longer feel overwhelmed by them.  I am learning the skill of stepping back and reflecting rather than being totally caught up in my worries.   

Life after counselling

I continued coming to counselling for about a year and found it very helpful and supportive.  It was very challenging at times but has been worth it.  I took something useful away from every session.  I still find things hard at times but have definitely made progress that I will continue to build on.