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Paving the way to a Stronger Marriage

Why we came for counselling

We came for couples counselling to strengthen our relationship in the months leading up to our wedding day.  We were both feeling insecure in the relationship because of the arguments we were having.  Despite being very much in love with each other, during arguments we both became extremely angry, shouting at each other.  It was very upsetting for both of us. We began to realise that we weren’t communicating very well and decided to seek help from a counsellor.

How counselling helped us

We found it very helpful to talk about these issues with the counsellor.  We gained some useful ideas about ways to listen to each other and communicate more clearly.  If an argument begins we are now better at stopping things from escalating and having some time out for us both to calm down. We then sit down and talk about what happened and find this a very useful way to understand and learn from our conflicts. 

Life after counselling

We are both feeling much happier and more confident in our relationship and looking forward with much excitement to our wedding day, with absolutely no doubt in our minds that we are doing the right thing