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Women We Admire

To mark International Women's Day 2018, we asked our colleagues to name one or to women who they find inspiring. Here are our choices....

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Introducing…Relationship Foundations

Are you preparing for marriage, planning to move in with your partner or about to start a family together? Our new Relationship Foundations course supports you to build a strong foundation that will help to future-proof your relationship. It’s a...

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A Letter To My Mugger

An exercise sometimes used in counselling is “The Unsent Letter”. This can help bring closure to difficult experiences such as, in this case, a street robbery.

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Thirteen Reasons Why Review

A review of the poignant Netflix Series "Thirteen Reasons Why" with reflections on some of the pressures on young people today that can lead teenagers to suicide.

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A Reason to Run

Did you know that regular exercise can improve your mental health? Gill Wier has been watching the BBC documentary Mind Over Marathon which demonstrates what a real difference exercise can make....

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Mothering your inner child

Gill Wier acknowledges that many people find Mothers' Day hard and suggests how we can use it as an opportunity to nurture ourselves.

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Five Top Tips for a Non Commercial Valentine’s Day

Personalise your Valentine's Day this year, to avoid one-size-fits-all gifts and deliver moments, messages and gestures that will make your darling feel truly loved.

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Our Top Tips for Reducing Stress this Christmas

Are you looking forward to a long break from work, time with extended family, gift giving and festive food? Even for those of us who love Christmas it can be stressful. Here are some very simple ideas for reducing stress this Christmas.

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Just Ask: A 6-Step Method from Anger to Change

When we become annoyed with those we know well: friends, colleagues, loved ones, just asking for what we want can be a very effective tool in resolving conflict and changing relationships for the better.

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Managing strong emotions

We often look to others for support and comfort when distressed, however all of us find ourselves on our own at times so here are some ideas for coping with strong emotions when you are alone with them.

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